Nyki Elle

Stylist of Words. Couturier of Photographs.


20121111_4706 copyI uncovered my passion for photography during a high school photo class that I selected simply because I had an opening in my schedule. I quickly fell in love with everything about photography and felt at home developing my images in the darkroom. Now, over 13 years of shooting later, I’ve added writing to my repertoire and become an award-winning photographer and writer.

So, why am I the “Stylist of Words?” Because I’m able to write in a number of different styles for different purposes. Just take a look at Advertising and Journalism in my portfolio. You’ll see everything from commercials and print ads I’ve written to longer form pieces for print and online publications. I’ve been a Staff Writer, Freelance Writer, Contributing Writer and an advertising Copywriter. I’ve written for big time clients like Walmart and Jeep, as well as to young professionals and tastemakers.

The “Couturier of Photographs” comes in because I take care to tailor each shoot to my client’s specific needs. Overall, I like my photography to have a lifestyle feel, capturing authentic moments of the human experience. I love the power a photograph has to capture and later transport you back to a specific moment in time. Working as a Staff Photographer, Freelance Photographer, Photo Editor and Founder & Lead Photographer of my own company, Photo?ge?NYK Photography, has given me invaluable experience to practice and perfect my photographic skills.

As far as my shooting style, I love a well put-together outfit and play around with the movement and color of garments against the background in my fashion photography. I also take as much care to focus on the details as I do the entire ensemble. I like my portraits to be natural, at times candid, capturing those real-life moments where the subject’s true essence is revealed, be it through gestures, facial expressions or even accessories. With events, I aim to document the experience from beginning to end, capturing every detail so that even those who did not attend the event will feel as though they were there.

So what else is there to know about me? Hmm…well, I love everything about fashion; shopping for it, wearing it, photographing it…everything! I’m fascinated by people and love seeing people pursuing their passions in life. While I’m not at celebrity status just yet, I can honestly say that I am SO blessed to be where I am, pursuing my dreams in New York City, and I’m excited to see where God will lead me in the future.  Thank you so much for visiting my website & perhaps we’ll connect in the future. Enjoy!